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About IGL

About IGL

Chairman’s and Principal’s Message

President Kengo Nagami Director Toshiyuki Nomura

IGL Medical and Welfare College Japanese Language Department is located in Hiroshima City, which is well known as an international peace city, and belongs to the IGL group, which has many welfare and medical facilities. After completion of our curriculum, students will be able to acquire a qualification for taking a national examination for welfare, medical, and advanced Japanese universities.

Our Japanese Language Department provides international students with a first-class study environment through personal tutoring. We are looking forward to seeing you in Hiroshima.

Kengo Nagami
Toshiyuki Nomura

About IGL group

IGL group is an administrative parent organization of IGL Medical and Welfare College Japanese Language Department. It runs more than 60 facilities for all ages from infants to the elderly in Hiroshima city.
The IGL group follows 5 philosophies. Environment, Education, Global Awareness, Health, and Children・Elderly.

We have been improving these pursuits in these districts with our group concept of “Love Thy Neighbor”

Japanese Hospitality

The Japanese lifestyle and way of thinking comes from the Japanese language. It is often said to be the most beautiful language in the world. The IGL education helps students to become experts in their fields, based on Japanese hospitality and dedication to others.

The purpose of our education system is to educate students based on the idea of Japanese hospitality.
The Japanese language department provides opportunities to learn the Japanese language, Japanese hospitality and necessary skills for students who would like to work at medical or welfare facilities or Japanese companies not only in Japan, but anywhere in the world.

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