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Six Safety and Peace Features

Our school has SIX support systems for studying while at IGL.

IGL Japanese Language Department 6 Features!
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Referral System for Part-time Jobs
  • Medical Support
  • Dormitory
  • School Bus
Features1 100% of students continue to higher institution
  • Personal career counseling
  • Career guidance on Campus
  • JLPT preparation class
Features2 Full-time foreign staff

Full time Chinese and Vietnamese staff. After arriving in Japan, they will support you, your school life, part-time jobs and dormitory life.

Features3 Referral system for part-time jobs

We can offer references for part-time jobs in which you can work for 28 hours a week during your first year of enrollment at IGL. In addition, when you seek a more challenging environment we will help you find a new job.

Features4 Medical Care Support System

IGL group has its own medical clinic and dentist.

All students subscribe to medical insurance to pay for medical expenses.

If you have any difficulties in reaching medical facilities on your own, you can be taken by IGL staff.

Features5 Fully Equipped Dormitory

Dormitories are fully furnished, supplied with electric applliances and internet. The Female dormitory has a full-time resident advisor.

Features6 School Bus for Free

You can use our school bus for your commute to school.

In addition, you can use the school bus for commuting to your work places for a small fare

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