IGL Medical and Welfare College For International Students

Instruction of the Department

International Liberal Arts Communication Department

Daytime:40(Male & Female,For International Students)/1 Year

Head of the Dept. Itsuka Miyado

The higher Japanese language , communication and critical thinking ability you acquire will allow you to achieve your course aims.
I hope that you will improve your ability with the department's varied classes.

Enhance Japanese language ability and communication skills to enroll in prestigious under-graduate schools, graduate schools

Course A(Acquiring N1:On to prestigious under-graduate schools, graduate schools)
For N2 and more on the JLPT/Living in Domestic
Aim N1 on the JLPT/280 and more on the EJU
Course B(Acquiring N2:Going on University)
For N3 and more on the JLPT/Living in Domestic
Aim N2 on the JLPT/240 and more on the EJU

This Department is the best for who

Features of the International Liberal Arts Communication Department

Fulfilling Provision for Japanese Exams

Intensive learning is required to pass N1, N2 on the JLPT or to get higher score on the EJU

Acquiring knowledge and skills to play an active role in university

You will learn in practical class to acquire skills which are required in university including provisions for exams.

Logical Thinking: You will acquire logical thinking skills that the other party recognize you comprehensively.
Giving Presentation Skills: You will learn ways to make documents and presentation which have the other party get comprehensive understanding.

Graduation Work: On graduation, you will give presentation as graduation work thorough what you will have learnt over the year as bibliographic survey, interview research, questionnaire survey, giving presentation.

Optional Classes for your Career

Various optional classes (English, Math, Japan and the World, Science, Kanji , Computer ) are offered for free of charge for your career

One-one-one Consultancy

One-one-one Consultancy is provided for career decision making and higher education pursing.

Various Interactions

We offer varied class not only classroom lecture to interact with local Japanese people.

  • "Interaction with elementary students"
    Home country introducing and learning about Japanese education on the ground.
  • "A-bomb victim's talk"
    Sharing experience of A-bomb victims and considering peace.
  • "Japanese culture"
    Inviting specialists in Japanese flower arrangements, tea ceremony, classical Japanese dance etc. you learn Japanese spirit.

If you request for the documents, application the pamphlet will be send with application guideline and application form

Request for the documents
(Going on to the mail form)

  1 Hour
2 Hour
3 Hour
4 Hour
Monday Japanese
(Kanji Vocabulary)
Japan and the World
Tuesday Japanese
Provision for Essay, Writing Academic Japanese (Kanji)
Wednesday Japanese
(Kanji Vocabulary)
Career Education Math for Science Course
Thursday Comprehensive Study Comprehensive Study Japanese Culture, Japanese Affairs English
Friday Seminar in Communication Seminar in Communication Math
  •  Provision for Exams
  •  Practical Class
  •  Optional Class
In area using Kanji
JLPT N1 4名
EJU 280 and more 5
Over the National Average 8
In area not using Kanji
EJU 240and more 3
Over the National Average 4

Nguyen Thi Ngoc
(Vietnam: Nam Dinh)

Graduate in 2015
On to Hiroshima Shudo University.

I passed N3 when I was in Japanese language department but I thought my Japanese skills were not enough to study in university. That's why I decide to go on to the department.
I acquire the skills to express my opinion comprehensively to the others thorough varied practical classes as research of current affairs, giving presentation not only just provision for exams.
My Japanese skills improved rapidly and now I'm confident on the skills even presenting in Japanese. Besides, the department has optional classes at free for my career.
You should think about your near future and challenge for your better lives not easy one and enhance your Japanese language skills in this department for your dreams, for regretting nothing.

Huang Zhixin

Graduate in 2015
On to Hiroshima City University

I passed N2 when I was in Japanese language department but my conversation skill was lower than others and wanted to get higher score at EJU to go on better university. So I decided to go on to this department. In this department I learnt skills of making resume, questionnaire, Power Point which are necessary ones in university. .If I had not enroll in the department, I would have been in tough situation because, in university, no one teach me how to do it. I hope your dreams come true with following your perception, your interests not your parents.